Supreme Court Endorsements

On Tuesday, November 3rd it is incredibly important that you vote –and your vote will matter. On November 3rd, PA voters will choose 3 new Supreme Court Justices. These justices will be seated when the school funding lawsuit goes before the Supreme Court in 2016 and, as you know, this lawsuit could play a pivotal role in providing sufficient and equitable funding to Pennsylvania students. In addition, the judges elected will all likely play an important role in redistricting and any questions of voter access (i.e. voter ID cases and the like).

Education Voters Action Fund is endorsing Christine Donohue, Kevin M. Dougherty and, David N. Wecht. All three candidates are qualified and recommended by the PA Bar Association. Click HERE for more information about the Supreme Court race.

**The key to remembering the names is to remember “D” and “W” as in “Don’t Wait” for fair funding!**

Please make sure to make your plan to vote in the very important Supreme Court election on Tuesday, November 3rd. Voter participation is a matter of public record (not how you vote, just whether or not you vote) and it is critical that we demonstrate our commitment to building civic power through exercising this very important right.

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