Statement on the election of Tom Wolf as PA Governor.

Congratulations to Tom Wolf for running a substantive campaign that is responsive to the people of the Commonwealth! Congratulations to every parent who has lost sleep wondering why the state’s top elected leader wasn’t fighting to make the lives of kids better.

Make no mistake: it was education, education, education. Thank you to the parents and teachers who made sure that education was the top priority issue in this election. Education Voters has talked to thousands of people, organized Call to Action days, walked the halls of Harrisburg, met with community leaders and…. we voted! Regular people made this happen.

Education has been a top issue for voters and on election day, they spoke: they are ready for a different approach to policy. Although parents will breathe a sigh of relief that change is around the corner, it is critical to remember that across Pennsylvania, on Wednesday and every day from now until something actually changes, our schools will still have inadequate resources; poor kids will still have fewer opportunities than kids in neighboring towns, classes will still be too big and programs will still be missing from all kinds of communities – middle class and lower-wealth alike.  We are happy that Corbett’s agenda was rejected.

Nobody who got elected on November 4th should be comfortable until this situation has been remedied. We hope that members of the General Assembly find the magnitude of their responsibility both sobering and inspiring. Time to get to work.

Education Voters Action Fund Director Susan Gobreski