Education Voters Action Fund Endorses Tom Wolf for Governor

Calls for Voters to Remember Education All The Way Down Ballot

October 9, 2014

Today, Education Voters Action Fund, an independent, non-partisan organization working to promote a pro-public education agenda in Pennsylvania announced its endorsement of Tom Wolf for Governor.

“Public education has been left behind under Governor Corbett’s leadership over the last four years in Pennsylvania.  Tom Wolf will make support for public education a top priority once again,” said Susan Gobreski, Executive Director for Education Voters Action Fund.

“There is a big agenda to get Pennsylvania on the right track: we need fair and adequate funding; we need draw a straight line from adequate resources to the opportunity to learn for all students; we need to fix charter school funding and oversight; stop the constant pressure on property taxes and address the critical role of poverty.” Gobreski added.  “It is also important that when voters go to the polls they remember to think about education not just in the Governor’s race, but all the way down the ballot in races for the state legislature”

In response to Education Voters Action Fund’s endorsement Tom Wolf released the following statement, “Today I am proud to accept the endorsement of Education Voters Action Fund. If elected, I will make education a top priority in the commonwealth by instituting a 5 percent severance tax to restore Tom Corbett’s $1 billion cuts to education. These cuts have caused over 27,000 educators to be laid off, increases in class sizes, skyrocketing property taxes and the elimination of valuable programs. Pennsylvania deserves a leader who is dedicated to improving the lives of our citizens by investing in education.”

The endorsement of Wolf is Education Voters Action Fund’s first endorsement of the 2014 political cycle. ,Education Voters Action Fund will be making endorsements in approximately 2 dozen key races in both the State House and State Senate. Endorsements are based on candidates’ records, positions and plans on education, not their political party.