2012 General Election Endorsements

We are very pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2012 General Election.  Based on a review of available information, including written materials, public statements, voting records and candidate interviews, Education Voters has decided to endorse the following candidates with a goal of having more legislators who support public education in public office.

These candidates recognize that if our economy and our communities are going to improve and remain strong that it starts with our students.  We need strong policymakers in Harrisburg that are willing to stand up for our values, so we ask that you support public education by supporting these candidates on November 6th!


Education Voters PA endorses the following members for election to the PA Senate:

SD-1, Sen. Larry Farnese (D); Philadelphia

SD-7, Sen. Vincent Hughes (D); Philadephia

SD-15, Rob Teplitz (D); Dauphin County

SD-17, Sen. Daylin Leach (D); Montgomery County

SD-31, Sen. Pat Vance (R); Cumberland County

SD-37, Matt Smith (D); Allegheny County

SD-47, Kim Villella (D); Beaver County

SD-49, Sean Wiley  (D); Erie County


Education Voters PA endorses the following members for election to the PA House:

HD-7, Rep. Mark Longietti (D); Mercer County

HD-18, Rep. Gene Digirolamo (R); Bucks County

HD-22, Erin Molchany (D); Allegheny County

HD-29, Rep. Bernie O’Neil (R); Bucks County

HD-31, Rep. Steve Santarsiero (D); Bucks County

HD-39, Dave Levdansky (D); Allegheny County

HD-70, Rep Matt. Bradford (D); Montgomery County

HD-81, Rep. Mike Fleck (R); Huntingdon County

HD-89, Susan Spicka (D); Franklin County

HD-96; Mike Sturla (D); Lancaster County

HD-104, Chris Dietz (D); Dauphin County

HD-130, Russ Diesinger (D); Berks County

HD-131, Kevin Deely (D); Lehigh County

HD-152, Thomas Murt (R); Montgomery County

HD-156, Bret Binder (D); Chester County

HD-157, Paul Drucker (D); Chester County

HD-163, Rep. Nick Micozzie (R); Delaware County

HD-166, Rep. Greg Vitali (D); Delaware County

HD-167, Rep. Duane Milne (R), Chester County

HD-188, Rep. Jim Roebuck (D); Philadelphia County