Supreme Court Endorsements

On Tuesday, November 3rd it is incredibly important that you vote –and your vote will matter. On November 3rd, PA voters will choose 3 new Supreme Court Justices. These justices will be seated when the school funding lawsuit goes before the Supreme Court in 2016 and, as you know, this lawsuit could play a pivotal role in providing sufficient and equitable funding to Pennsylvania students. In addition, the judges elected will all likely play an important role in redistricting and any questions of voter access (i.e. voter ID cases and the like).

Education Voters Action Fund is endorsing Christine Donohue, Kevin M. Dougherty and, David N. Wecht. All three candidates are qualified and recommended by the PA Bar Association. Click HERE for more information about the Supreme Court race.

**The key to remembering the names is to remember “D” and “W” as in “Don’t Wait” for fair funding!**

Please make sure to make your plan to vote in the very important Supreme Court election on Tuesday, November 3rd. Voter participation is a matter of public record (not how you vote, just whether or not you vote) and it is critical that we demonstrate our commitment to building civic power through exercising this very important right.

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Jim Kenney for Mayor; Helen Gym for Council At Large and more

Elections matter.  We can’t really say it enough.  The people we elect make decisions about our schools every day, from standards to governance, to whether schools are funded at adequate levels to provide safe and healthy learning environments.

On Tuesday May 19th, Philadelphia voters go to the polls to vote in the primary – which usually decides the election – who will be Mayor and who will serve in City Council.

There are 200,000 reasons to get involved in this election – and every one of them has a name.  Every child deserves a chance to succeed.  Because this election matters so much, Education Voters Action Fund enthusiastically endorses 

Jim Kenney for Mayor.

Jim is committed to our public schools. He wants them to succeed and he has committed to making them a priority and aligning the City’s resources to support them. He isn’t running away from the need for more local funding and has vowed to expand Pre-K education to more families.

For City Council At Large: Helen Gym.  Her long record of advocacy, understanding of the issues and track record set her apart.

Please make a contribution to help make sure our message reaches voters who are still undecided.  They will determine the outcome of the election and we must make sure they hear from independent, grassroots people like you and me.

The battle over public education is big – and now outside special interests who don’t support public education are getting involved in our local elections.  They are running a “Super PAC” to try and influence the election, and buy it for someone so they have access.

The battle over public education is big – and now outside special interests who don’t support public education are getting involved in our local elections.  They are running a “Super PAC” to try and influence the election, and buy it for their candidate so they have access.  Not access for you, access for them: three billionaires. Read about it here.

The antidote to special interests is us – if we get out and vote for the candidates who support our schools, our schools will get stronger.  Our City will get stronger.  We must make sure that the people running the City will work hard for every kid, in every zip code.

For City Council-At-Large, five people will win the Democratic nomination for Council.

We lead our endorsement list with Helen Gym.  Helen has made fighting for schools a priority as a citizen advocate.  She battled the Philadelphia Parking Authority, winning millions of dollars for our schools.  She has stood with students and parents to demand resources and equitable policies for all of our children.  She understands that we can – and must — do better for our children and the long term health of our City.  We urge you to make voting for Helen a priority.

Our complete list of endorsements for City Council At Large: incumbents Wilson Goode and Blondell Reynolds Brown and challengers Helen Gym, Sherrie Cohen and Derek Green.

We believe these 5 individuals will make education a priority and have the right experience and perspective to ensure our schools receive the level of attention and support to make our communities stronger.

Please support our campaigns:  Every $5 allows us to contact 3 voters to help Get Out the Vote for candidates that support our schools.


Statement on the election of Tom Wolf as PA Governor.

Congratulations to Tom Wolf for running a substantive campaign that is responsive to the people of the Commonwealth! Congratulations to every parent who has lost sleep wondering why the state’s top elected leader wasn’t fighting to make the lives of kids better.

Make no mistake: it was education, education, education. Thank you to the parents and teachers who made sure that education was the top priority issue in this election. Education Voters has talked to thousands of people, organized Call to Action days, walked the halls of Harrisburg, met with community leaders and…. we voted! Regular people made this happen.

Education has been a top issue for voters and on election day, they spoke: they are ready for a different approach to policy. Although parents will breathe a sigh of relief that change is around the corner, it is critical to remember that across Pennsylvania, on Wednesday and every day from now until something actually changes, our schools will still have inadequate resources; poor kids will still have fewer opportunities than kids in neighboring towns, classes will still be too big and programs will still be missing from all kinds of communities – middle class and lower-wealth alike.  We are happy that Corbett’s agenda was rejected.

Nobody who got elected on November 4th should be comfortable until this situation has been remedied. We hope that members of the General Assembly find the magnitude of their responsibility both sobering and inspiring. Time to get to work.

Education Voters Action Fund Director Susan Gobreski

2014 Candidate Endorsements

Education Voters Action Fund has endorsed the following candidates for their commitment to public education:

  • Tom Wolf for Governor & Mike Stack for Lieutenant Governor
  • Challengers/Open Seats:
    • Deberah Kula (D) SD-32 Fayette, Somerset Westmoreland
    • Ann Schott (D) HD-13 Chester County
    • Gene Stilp (D) HD-104  Dauphin County
    • Michael Beyer (D) HD-131 Lehigh Valley
    • Karen Chellew (D) HD-145 Bucks County
    • Marian Moskowitz (D) HD-157 Chester County
    • Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D) HD-161 Delaware County
    • Dr. Jill Sunday Bartoli (D) HD-199 Cumberland County
  • Incumbents:
    • Patrick M. Browne (R) SD-16 Lehigh County
    • Mark Longietti (D) HD-7 Mercer County
    • Gene DiGirolamo (R) HD-18 Bucks County
    • Bernie O’Neill (R) HD-29 Bucks County
    • Steve Santarsiero (D) HD-31 Bucks County
    • Mike Fleck (I) HD-81 Blair, Huntingdon, Mifflin Counties
    • Michael Sturla (D) HD-96 Lancaster County
    • Eddie Day Pashinski (D) HD-121 Luzerne County
    • Michael Schlossberg (D) HD-132 Lehigh
    • Thomas Murt (R) HD-152 Montgomery/Philadelphia
    • Steve McCarter (D) HD 154 Montgomery County
    • William Adolph (R) HD-165 Delaware County
    • Greg Vitali (D) HD-166 Delaware County
    • Duane Milne (R) HD-167 Chester County
    • James Roebuck (D) HD-188 Philadelphia
    • Cherelle Parker (D) HD-200 Philadelphia

Endorsement News

“Education Voters Action Fund PA announce their endorsement of candidate for PA Governor Tom Wolf, candidate for PA Senate District 16 Senator Pat Brown, and candidate for PA House District 131 Mike Beyer.”

Political odd couple gets education group endorsement

By Scott Kraus Of The Morning Call October 9, 2014

Education odd couple? Republican, Democrat share group’s endorsement

Republican state Sen. Pat Browne and Democratic state House challenger Mike Beyer won the endorsement of a pro-public education advocacy group Thursday.

Browne is a two-term state senator and influential majority whip in the Republican controlled state Senate. Beyer is a first-time political candidate and Democratic challenger to two-term Republican state Rep. Justin Simmons in the Lehigh Valley’s 131st Legislative District.

An odd couple? Not when it comes to education, said Bob Previdi, spokesman for the Education Voters Action Fund.

Read the Full Story Here.

Education Voters Action Fund Endorses Tom Wolf for Governor

Calls for Voters to Remember Education All The Way Down Ballot

October 9, 2014

Today, Education Voters Action Fund, an independent, non-partisan organization working to promote a pro-public education agenda in Pennsylvania announced its endorsement of Tom Wolf for Governor.

“Public education has been left behind under Governor Corbett’s leadership over the last four years in Pennsylvania.  Tom Wolf will make support for public education a top priority once again,” said Susan Gobreski, Executive Director for Education Voters Action Fund.

“There is a big agenda to get Pennsylvania on the right track: we need fair and adequate funding; we need draw a straight line from adequate resources to the opportunity to learn for all students; we need to fix charter school funding and oversight; stop the constant pressure on property taxes and address the critical role of poverty.” Gobreski added.  “It is also important that when voters go to the polls they remember to think about education not just in the Governor’s race, but all the way down the ballot in races for the state legislature”

In response to Education Voters Action Fund’s endorsement Tom Wolf released the following statement, “Today I am proud to accept the endorsement of Education Voters Action Fund. If elected, I will make education a top priority in the commonwealth by instituting a 5 percent severance tax to restore Tom Corbett’s $1 billion cuts to education. These cuts have caused over 27,000 educators to be laid off, increases in class sizes, skyrocketing property taxes and the elimination of valuable programs. Pennsylvania deserves a leader who is dedicated to improving the lives of our citizens by investing in education.”

The endorsement of Wolf is Education Voters Action Fund’s first endorsement of the 2014 political cycle. ,Education Voters Action Fund will be making endorsements in approximately 2 dozen key races in both the State House and State Senate. Endorsements are based on candidates’ records, positions and plans on education, not their political party.